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Native Americans, South American Natives, Natives in the Islands of Caribbean, Natives of the Philippines, Natives of Polynesia, Natives of Hawaii, Natives of New Zealand, Natives of China and Japan.

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Q: What type of cultures did the Europeans come into contact with during the Age of Exploration?
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What were europeans main motives for making voyages of exploration?

Europeans main motives for voyages of exploration occurred during the Renaissance Era and included building of empires, diffusion of Christianity, ever-increasing opportunities fort trade and new markets, greater power than before, and material good and riches that included gold, spices, silver and slaves.

Did 15th and 16th century explorers have a positive or negative effect on world history?

Most likely negative, because during this time was the European exploration of the Americas, and as you can tell many Native Americans perished from the Europeans.

describe the positive impacts of the Age of Exploration on the "New World"?

Advances in scientific technology that launched the Age of Exploration: The age of exploration took its place during the 15th and ended during the 17th century. During this time Europeans began to take and interest in exploring the “unknown”. Thus beginning voyages by sea. Not all advances and new discoveries were positive, a mass majority had a negative effect on Europe. In order to fulfill these travels exploders needed maps. Those who provided the maps were known as cartographers. The map makers of the 15th century. Cartographers often came along side of the crossings to document and see the detail of the new lands of the “unknown”.

When did the Europeans explore latin America?

during the 16th centuray

Which nation was the most successful during the Era of European Exploration?


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Ways that exploration and intercultural contact during the Renaissance affect the citizenship and identity of europeans?

Exploration and intercultural contact during the Renaissance broadened Europeans' understanding of other cultures and challenged their existing beliefs. This exposure led to a more interconnected world and a reevaluation of what it meant to be a citizen of Europe, fostering a sense of curiosity, open-mindedness, and a more diverse collective identity.

What happened when Europeans came into contact with Native Americans during the Age of exploration?

died from diseases

Did Europeans use viking ship designs during the age of exploration?


Did the Europeans use lateen rigs during the age of exploration?

Yes, the did. They had them on the caravels as well.

What were the motivations and goals of europeans during the age of exploration?

They were mainly in search of profit and knowledge.

Where did europeans sail to during the age of exploration?

south America

What impact did contact with the Europeans have on the area of Panama during Vasco Nunez de Balboa's time?

The area of Panama was settled in because of contact with the Europeans during Vasco Nunez de Balboa's time.

Why did Europeans considered Africans Indian savages?

Europeans considered Africans as "savage" due to their lack of familiarity with African cultures and customs. This perception was influenced by stereotypes and biases that European societies held towards non-European civilizations during the Age of Exploration. The term "Indian" may have been used interchangeably with "savage" to refer to any non-European peoples encountered during this period.

Describe the kinds of profitable commodities europeans sought during the age of exploration?

The main ones were jewels, spice, and silk.

Who did bartolomeu dias come in contact with on his exploration?

Bartolomeu Dias came into contact with the indigenous Khoikhoi people during his exploration of the southern tip of Africa. He also encountered adverse weather conditions and dangerous sea currents during his journey.

What were some advantages of Hawaiians having contact with outsiders during exploration and colonization?

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How did the European actions during the Age of Exploration affect both Africa and the Americas similarly?

Europeans caused populations to decline severely in both places.