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Acrobat- they do stunts to entertain people

. Apothecary- dispensed herbal medicines which were created from the blend of plants, herbs, and roots.

. Astrologers- known as mystical being. They are skilled in reading astronomical bodies and relate them in every person's life.

. Barber- although they are usually seen cutting hair, they were also skilled in personal care like doing the job of a surgeons, dentist, and blood-letters.

. Blacksmith-lowly occupation, it was regarded as the most significant occupation of the time. Blacksmiths forged weapons, repairs broken armor, and even sharpened weapons. . Bottler- they manage the storing and giving out of wines.

. Butler- in charge for the castle cellar

. Bower-making bows.

. Candlemaker- the name implies

. Carpenter- they weren't limited in building houses and furniture rather they were all-around individuals who knows just anything about wood. They are known as elite tradesmen.

. Chamberlain- responsible for the entire jobs that has something to do with the Chamber.

. Chaplain- responsible for all religious activities.

. Clothier- creates clothes used by the nobles.

. Cook- cook different kinds of foods.

. Cordwainer- someone who manufacture shoes.

. Cottar- known as one of the lowest occupation.

. Gardener- awareness about plants and herbs.

. Gond Farmer- term used for dung.

. Harker- they declare announcements given by the queen.

. Herbalists- they planted and sustain medicinal plants.

. Jester- also known as the Fool, they would entertain the Queen to laugh.

. Knight- they would fight and uphold the safety of the Queen.

. Messenger- carries receipts, commodities, and letters.

. Moneylender- they were the Elizabethan bankers.

. Page- a work than includes a very young man, usually 7 years old. They are tasked to wait at the table and oversee the Lord's clothes as well as assist in dressing.

. Painter- since castles are expected to be colorful, they employ a painter.

. Physician- an esteemed occupation that would cure people's sicknesses.

. Potter- they were the one who produced pots and anything made of clay and ceramics.

. Scribe- unmarried woman.

. Steward- assists in the household administration.

. Squire- a junior to the knight. They should be knowledgeable enough about the Code of Chivalry.

. Watchman- accountable for the castle's security

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Q: What type of employment was available during the Elizabethan era during 1450 to 1750?
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