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Q: What type of monarchy was set up after the glorious revolution?
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How did England's treatment of the colonies change after the Glorious Revolution?

England's treatment of the colonies changed after the Glorious Revolution. A new king was instated who set forth more restricting policies on colonists.

What was the importance of the glorious revolution?

... i cant tell they sent troops to over throw king James

What type of government was set up by the 13 colonies?

a monarchy

What effect did the Glorious Revolution have on the American colonies?

It showed the Americans that the ruler, if corrupt, can be overthrown. It set a precedent for the colonies when they separated from the King's rule.

What factors would lead a country to abolish its monarchy?

Once the monarchy loses its power and a democratic government is set up, the people begin wondering why they need to support a monarchy and a move begins to abolish it. It usually takes a revolution, a coup or the threat of a coup to strip a monarchy of power.

In which type of colony did the system of government set the stage for revolution?

the Royal colony

How did the American Revolution different from revolutions?

The primay difference in causes that led to the American Revolution and the French Revolution was based in the world view of the innate goodness or innate evil of man.The French did not seriously question the right of monarchy until a nearly fatal economic depression brought hunger. With no other foundation than the vanity of intellectuals, mob mentality brought on the Reign of Terror. Conversely, the British colonies in America had a much different example set for them by the Glorious Revolution and such documents as the Magna Carta. Those precidents empowered the colonists, as respectable British citizens with rights and freedoms, to rebel in the face of injustice.

What describes a consequence of the French Revolution?

It ended the Monarchy. It brought on the Reign of Terror. It set the stage for a coup by Napoleon.

which of the following events is an example of a revolution?

The French Revolution, which took place in 1789, is a classic example of a revolution. This event involved the overthrow of the monarchy, the establishment of a republic, and significant social and political changes in France.

What did the assembly of 1791 do?

A limited Monarchy was created with the Constitution of 1791.

The passing of the throne to William and Mary was known as the glorious revolution why?

The Glorious Revolution that took place in England in 1688 was so named because it is said that no shots were fired in the overthrow of James II in favor of William and Mary. However, William of Orange did invade England and there were several rebellions and wars before and after 1688. The English Civil War took place less than 40 years earlier and set the wheels in motion for this coup; the Monmouth Rebellion took place in 1685, just three years earlier. The Jacobite war in Scotland, the Williamite war in Ireland, and war with France followed the Glorious Revolution.

What was the celebration of the french revolution?

It was a popular grass roots revolution which deposed the French Monarchy, resulted in the Reign of Terror, provided for the advancement of Napoleon and set the stage for his coup and rise to become the Emperor of the French.