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England has a friendly relationship with Ireland, the United States, Germany, and Australia, among many others. The country has permanent membership in the United Nations.

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Q: What type of relationship does England have with other countries?
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The strongest monarchies in Europe were in France England Spain and?

Regardless of monarchy type (absolute, semi-constitutional, constitutional):In Middle Ages - France, England, Habsburgs (ruled in different countries)In XVI-XVIII centuries - France, Spain (under Habsburgs), Austria (Habsburgs too), Poland united with Lithuania, England, Turkey (ruled on Balkans)In XIX century - France (mix of republic and monarchic periods), Prussia/Germany, Russia, Austria, EnglandIn XX century - Germany (monarchy till end of WW I), England, Russia (monarchy till 1917).(France was a republic in XX century).

What type of government ruled England after the civil war?

The English Commonwealth was the loosely used term for the system of government after the regicide of Charles I. The rump parliament declared England a Commonwealth although by definition England was actually a Protectorate under the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell.

Why did some countries gain independence peacefully while others faced violent struggles?

There are several different factors that govern how hard a country fights to keep a part that wants independence and how hard that part fights back. When a region expresses a desire for indepencence, the reaction of the government of the parent country is based on the answers to several questions. Natural Resources: Does the region supply a natural resource, the loss of which would create a hardship? Type of government: Which matters more: the desire of the ruler or ruling body or the desire of the majority of the people? International respect: Would those countries with which a favorable relationship is desired respond better to a reaction of belligerance or a reaction of benevolence? Motives for independence: How flexible is each side regarding the issues creating the desire for independence? Burden or asset: Has the territory been a burden? Would we be better off without them? Learn from history: How have other countries in similar situations in the past reacted, why, and what was the outcome?

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I just answered this question. Go to the question linked below for my answer so I don't have to type the entire list again. Thanks.

How did the Chinese spread the paper money from other parts of the world?

Type your answer here... paper money where it later spread to

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they have a fairly good relationship that has always seemed fair.

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Holland is 4000 miles away from England. Type your answer here...

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What type of economy does England use?

England is the largest out of the four countries that make up Great Britain ( the other countries Wales, Ireland and Scotland). London, the capital of England, is the world's largest port and one of the world's largest financial and industrial center. so bam! : ) Englands economy is pound sterling.

Two countries with market based economies?

There are several countries that have a market based economies. France and England are two countries that have this type of economy.

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