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they were assigned protection of the realm and were admitted into armies. kshatriyas were also assigned the job to rule the realm and take care of its people.

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ruler, warrior or landowner

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They are warriors

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Q: What types of jobs do Kshatriyas have?
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What are the different types or sub castes of Kshatriyas?

The different sub-castes of Kshatriyas are Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi, Agnivanshi, and Nagavanshi.

What jobs did the kshatriyas have?

a Kshatriya is responsible for protecting his people. he owned land, he was the main source for food, and harvested the food.

Name the kshatriya communities which were exterminated by Parshuram?

Ans: Kshatriyas....puragiri kshatriyas(perika) and Kshatriyas all are one

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What did the kshatriyas wear?

Kshatriyas wear not so much hardy clothes or shoes

Why are Kshatriyas so important?

Kshatriyas have traditionally held many positions in the military.

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What are the kshatriyas?

Kshatriyas are one of the four major castes in Hindus meaning those who are warriors , administrators and rulers

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