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One thing i know they did was the cultivation of tobacco. They grew tobacco and sold it for money so that they could meet many of their needs.

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Q: What types of work did people in Jamestown do?
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Who was the leader of Jamestown that made people work for food?

john smith

How did the colonists get along with the powhatans people near Jamestown?

*because they work together

Who were the two types of people who settled in Jamestown?

Those would be pilgrims coming from New Zealand and Slaves.

Leader of Jamestown settlers rescued by Pocahontas?

John Smith, who did not let people eat unless they work, was the leader of Jamestown.

What kind of people lived in Jamestown?

English people lived in Jamestown but they were not pilgrims that lived in Jamestown

Who was the leader of the Jamestown colony and demanded that if the people wanted to eat they first had to work?

john smith

What were the difficulties in establishing a settlement in Jamestown Virginia?

one thing that played a part was that the people who first arrived in Jamestown were people who didnt know how to farm and work the land they were more like business man

Was there food sufficient in Jamestown?

No, most people died of starvation. Then John Smith came to Jamestown and said that if you didn't work, you wouldn't eat. This meant that if you didn't work in the garden or in other places you would get food from, you weren't allowed to eat anything. This rule encouraged people to work, so less and less people died.

When did people get to Jamestown?

they had gone on Jamestown in 1607

Why did gentlemen not work in Jamestown?

they didnt work becuz they felt that people lower than them had to do their work for them. they wanted gold but they didnt want to look for it themselves.

How did jonh smith help the Jamestown colony?

Hehelp the colony of Jamestown by making them work for what they want. He was helping them get food but when he left, people started to die because they suffered without him .

What is the population of Jamestown?

1,234 people lived in Jamestown