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The Russo-Japanese War (Which Russia lost - making Nicholas unpopular with the Russian people)

World War I (but the Tsar abdicated and was murdered before the war's end)

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Q: What wars were Russia involved in during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II?
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When and how industry was introduced in Russia?

It was started by Alexander the 3rd and Sergei Witte with the introduction of the Trans-Siberean railway which was then opened by Nicholas the 2nd in 1891. Nicholas didn't do much else to modernise the industry during his reign.

What political and economic policies during the reign of Nicholas II?

During the reign of Nicholas II, Russia experienced political repression and limited political reforms. Nicholas II pursued a policy of autocracy, maintaining absolute power and disregarding calls for political liberalization. Economically, his policies focused on industrialization and modernization, leading to some growth, but also contributing to social and economic inequality, as well as the discontent of the working class. Overall, Nicholas II's policies failed to address the growing political and social grievances, eventually leading to the Russian Revolution of 1917.

How did Nicholas II personality change during his reign?

Tsar said

France did not capture this country during the reign of Napoleon?


1How did Nicholas II feel about democracy?

When Nicholas was young he was tutored by Konstantin Pobedonostsev. Pobedonostsev taught Nicholas that autocracy was the only possible government for imperial Russia. Nicholas took his lessons to heart. When it came to Nicholas' reign (1894-1917) He was suspicious of any change and therefore, until forced to during the 1905 revolution, did not extend political rights of anybody in Russia for fear that his own posistion would be threatened. He had no interest in democracy, and thought an autocratic government was the only one by which to rule.

Similarities Nicholas between Stalin?

Totalitarian government, no parliament during reign, secret police...

Locate the territories that Peter added to Russia during his reign from 1682 to 1725 what bodies of water did Russia gain access to because of these acquisition?

Locate the territories that Peter added to Russia during his reign from 1682 to 1725 what bodies of water did Russia gain access to because of these acquisition?

Who started serfdom in Russia?

Boris Godunov. A famine plagued Russia during his reign and as the peasants tried to leave the land, Godunov forced them to stay.

What country Ended world war 1 as a communist?

Russia. They became communist during Lenin's reign.

What sea became critical in development of Russia power during the reign of Peter The Great?

Baltic Sea

What was Russia's name during Stalin's reign?

USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)

What is the Last monarch family of Russia?

Tsar Nicholas II. His reign lasted from 1894-1917. He was murdered in 1918. Technically, the last Tsar of Russia was actually Michael II, the brother of Nicholas. Nicholas abdicated in favour of Michael in 1917, and he immediately became the next Tsar. He himself abdicated the following day, meaning he is often disregarded. However, he was still Tsar for approximately 1 day!