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It was recorded in the Domesday book in 1086 as 'Gravesham' hence the naming of the district

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Q: What was Gravesend called before Gravesend?
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Why is gravesend called gravesend?

During the great fire of London there were many deaths in London but not enough time to bury all of the bodies so the bodies were thrown into the thames. The thames river runs through gravesends this is where the river bends, all the bodies that were put in the river ended up at gravesend , there fore called gravesend as it is where the graveses ended their journey.However the problem with the above answer is that Gravesend existed in 1268 as a Market License for Gravesend and Milton exists from that time. Another problem for the answer is that Samuel Pepys diarist and witness to the great fire, records visiting Gravesend in1650 - 16 years before the fire.

What is the population of gravesend?

The population of Gravesend, Kent, United Kingdom is about 66,000. It resides at the mouth of the River Thames, which is called the Thames Estuary.

How hot is gravesend?

Gravesend is only as hot as northeastern England which is where Gravesend is located.

Will it snow in gravesend?

Yes it will snow in gravesend.

Are the riots in gravesend?

are there going to be any riots in gravesend

When was Gravesend - film - created?

Gravesend - film - was created in 1997.

When was Gravesend Cricket Club created?

Gravesend Cricket Club was created in 1880.

When did Gravesend United F.C. end?

Gravesend United F.C. ended in 1946.

When did Stephen Gravesend die?

Stephen Gravesend died on 1338-04-08.

When did Richard of Gravesend die?

Richard of Gravesend died on 1279-12-18.

When did Richard Gravesend die?

Richard Gravesend died on 1303-12-09.

When was Gravesend West Line created?

Gravesend West Line was created in 1886.