What was Henry hudsons main?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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henry hudsons main goal was to find the northwest passage

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Q: What was Henry hudsons main?
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What was Henry Hudson's main goal?

henry hudsons main goal was to find the northwest passage

Who were Henry hudsons sibling?

That is unknown.

Who was Henry hudsons sponsor?


What were Henry hudsons jobs?

they were farmers

What was Henry hudsons main events during his voyage?

Henry got mutinied by his crew after the long arctic winter stuck in ice.

When was henry hudsons second voyage?


What are Henry hudsons contributions?

I love cheese

Where was Henry Hudson's point of departure?

where was henry hudsons point of departure

What was Henry hudsons acomplushment?

what was henry Hudson's accomplishment

What was Henry Hudson's religon?

Henry hudsons religon was jewish and he hated natsis

What were the conditions of Henry Hudson expedition?

What was the sailors conditions of Henry hudsons expedition

Who was Oliver Hudson?

Henry hudsons son and also Katherine hudsons and also a brother to two, john and oliver.