What was London first known as?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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I believe that the Romans knew it as Londinium. They called Colchester Calculodonum... I think.

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the romans

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Q: What was London first known as?
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Who was First known inhabitants in London?

London was once a small village on the banks of the River Thames. Who the first inhabitants were is unknown.

Why did Henry III keep an elephant in the Tower of London?

The Tower of London was Britain's first zoo and was known as the Royal Menagerie.

When was the London Philharmonic Orchestra first organized?

The London Philharmonic Orchestra was first established in 1932 by Sir Thomas Beecham. It is currently one of the major and most well known orchestras in England.

Was comic con in London or San Diego first?

San Diego Comic-Con was the first comic convention, established in 1970. The London Film and Comic Con, now known as London Comic-Con, was first held in 2004.

What is city London known for?

It is known for it fornlanguage

What was the Folly Theatre in London first known as?

The Folly Theatre had several other names, beginning with the Lowther Rooms.

What is Lauren London known as?

She goes by her name, Lauren London.

When was First London created?

First London was created in 1997.

When was the first World Exposition?

The first World Exposition, also known as the World's Fair, was held in 1851 in London, United Kingdom. It was known as the Great Exhibition and showcased the industrial prowess of nations around the world.

How does th london eye promote london?

The London Eye has become one of London's best known tourist attractions.

When did the first MacDonalds open in Cardiff?

The first McDonald's in Wales is thought to have opened in Cwmbran Shopping Centre, Torfaen, but the date is not known. The first McDonald's in the UK opened in London in 1974.

Where is canary wharf in London?

In East London in the old London Docks area now known as Docklands.