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When they were sold to Canada the Red River Colony did not have a government with which to carry on negotiations with those wanting to rule them. Riel was one of many who stood up and helped set up a provisional government to represent the locals.

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He created the province of Manitoba. He created the province of Manitoba.

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Q: What was Louis Riel's contributions to Canada?
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What was Louis riels crime?

he went to Canada and bought all of Manitoba

What was Louis riels culture like?

Mostly French Canadian but living in Western Canada he had some influences from the local Cree, Scottish and English.

What is Louis riels moms name?

Julie Lagimodière

What was Louis riels mistake?

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How many people were at Louis riels trial?

There were eight members on the jury at Louis Riel's trial.

Does anyone show me Louis Riels Letter that warned William Mcdougall not to enter Red River?


Did anything tragic happen Louis Riels life?

The most tragic aspect of Louis Riel's life is that he was convicted of treason and was executed by the Canadian government.

Why was Louis Riel guilty of treason I need a valid argument for a grade 8 Canadian history project it is for a mock trial of Louis riels trial i am the prosecutor against riel?

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Where does statue of Louis riel located?

The statue of Louis Riel is located at the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, Canada. It was unveiled in 1996 to honor Riel's contributions to both the MΓ©tis people and the province of Manitoba.

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