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pedro had a difficult childhood he ran away at age 12 and became a sailor at age 13 went to jail got out and became a famous explorer.

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In 1467 Pedro Alvares Cabral was born to a noble family. He had ten siblings and received an education as a child.

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Q: What was Pedro alvares cabrals childhood?
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Who was Pedro alvares cabrals wife?

Isabel de Castro

What were some important discoverys on Pedro alvares cabrals exploration?

he discovered brazil.

In what year did Pedro alvares cabral die?

Pedro Alvares Cabral died on 1520

What nation was Pedro Alvares Cabral from?

Pedro Alvares Cabral came from Portugal, Europe.

What discoveries did Pedro Alvares make?

Pedro Alvares Cabral discover Brazil,Madagascar and Mozambique

Was Pedro Alvares Cabral a king?


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When did Pedro Alvares cabral get married to Isabel De Castro?

Pedro Alvares Cabral married Isabel De Castro in 1503.

What was Pedro Alvarez cabrals ship called?

The Monte Pascoal

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