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On Samuel de Champlians mission he was looking for a Northwest Passage.

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Q: What was Samuel de champlian looking for?
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Samuel de Champlian Died When?


When was Samuel de champlian's birth?


Did Samuel de champlian have a wife?


What colonies did Samuel de champlian establish?


Was Samuel de champlian successul?

Yes. he was successful

What explorer claimed land in eastern Canada?

Samuel De Champlian

What did Samuel de champlian built?

A port city called Quebec

What year was Samuel de champlian born in?

he was born in 1567 and died 1635.

Who did Samuel De Champlian marry?

hélène boullé he married her when he was about 40 and she was only 12!

How many kids did Samuel de champlian have?

He had 0 kids but, he adopted 3 aboriginal children:)

What did Samuel de champlian add to north America?

i am just doing this because i need to find the answer i do not know the answer

Who discovered Acadia?

Samuel champlian .................