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A Flapper was a rebelious girl on the 1920s who liked to have fun and do 'crazy' things. They wore dressed that had a low back and strappie shoulders. They wore strapie shoes that had a small heel, and a bonnet-sort of hat, although I forget what they called those. they also carried around clutches.

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A flapper was an emancipated woman who embraced the new fashions and urban attitudes of the day. they wore close fitting felt hats,bright waistless dresses,silk stocking, sleek pumps, and strings of beads!

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Q: What was a flapper and how did they dress?
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Where can you get a flapper dress cheap?

Costume stores.

Where can you buy a Flapper dress?

One could purchase a Flapper dress online on various websites. The most popular and therefore recommended websites are 'Amazon', 'Unique-Vintage' and 'Ebay'.

what is a flapper costume look like?

People can wear flapper costumes. The Flapper costume resembles a look from the 1920's. A Flapper costume is a dress. You can see an example at

What best describes a flapper in the 1920?

flappers were dresses worn by the women of the 20's who liked dancing and partying. the dress a flapper wore was formfitted and had fringe

The name of something you would wear that starts with an F?

Fedora Flapper dress Fur

Who designed the flapper dress Taylor Swift wears in her Mean music video?

Ravi S.

Is there an easy design for a flapper costume?

A flapper is a dress that usually has a lot of sparkles and usually a boa scarf. An easy design for one is to find a medium length dress, add some sparkles, a feather boa and some fun make up and you'll be good to go!

What was the importance of the bra during fur flapper era?

An undergarment that would flatten a woman's breasts was an ideal accompaniment to the straight-cut, form-fitting flapper dress preferred by suffragettes and stylish debutantes in Europe.

Describe the flapper culture of the 1920s?

It was a culture were the women would dress up In dresses and have short boy cut hair.

What material was the flapper dress made of in 1920?

The flapper dress started off as a very plain design that was made from a simple fabric. Very soon women got very creative and dresses were suddenly embroidering lots of beads. Lots of fringing and in some cases they were so elaborate that feathers were attached to the hems of dresses.

Where can one purchase flapper dresses?

you can buy a flapper girl dress costume at halloween city. they are available there for a reasonable price. you may also purchase them online at their website or other halloween specialty stores.

Who could be considered a flapper in the 1920s?

Young women of the 1920's who defied traditional rules of conduct and dress. generally a liberal bases of women.