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Improved economies allowed the wealthy to support artists. Humanism, Individualism, and Secularism were the three major movements during the renaissance.

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Q: What was a major movement during the Renaissance which focused on human beings?
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Humanism during the Italian Renaissance was focused on?

The importance of the individual

Before the Renaissance virtually all dramas focused on?

During the Renaissance, dramatists began writing about everyday people. Before this, theater was focused on religious figures and stories.

Which movement was most prominent during the Renaissance?


When did the Harlem Renaissance take place?

The Harlem Renaissance was a very popular cultural movement for Negro rights. The Harlem Renaissance was a movement that took places during the 1920s.

What was a key distinction of Harlem renaissance?

The Harlem Renaissance was part of a larger movement focused on the culture of African Americans in some urban areas of America. It was a defining time in Black literature, as more works appeared during this time than every before in USA's history.

What movement had a profound impact on education during the renaissance?

The development of humanism

What is the Renaissance period?

The renaissance was a cultural movement in European history. This was during the 14th century, through the 17th century.

What movement inspired social changes during the Italian Renaissance?


What new materials and techniques did artists discover during the Renaissance?

Art focused on Religious ideas until Humanism came along and the artists started painting things about how they viewed the world Edit: In the early Renaissance, they focused on what the person said

What style of art was popular during the 1960's?

Photorealism was created as a result of the widespread use of Photography.

Was Rembrandt active during the Renaissance?

Rembrandt became a painter at the end of the Renaissance period and is said to belong to the Dutch Baroque movement.

What was the name of the art and literary movement that took place among African American during the 1920s and 1930s?

Harlem Renaissance