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If you are speaking of Catholicism it would be an indulgence. This was something you could buy in order to take off time or punishment. Also, absolution. Something a priest would say to you to absolve you from a particular sin.

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Q: What was a release from all or part of the punishment for sin?
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Does all sin have the same punishment or penaltie?

Answer It's purely in the hands of God. Punishment or penalties differ according to the gravity of the sin performed. Telling a lie and killing a person for no reason cannot be judged as same crime or sin.

What is the name for the Catholic Church practice that granted release from the punishment of sins?

Reconciliation.Roman Catholic AnswerThere are two kinds of punishment for sin. In reconciliation (confession), the eternal punishment (separation from God eternally in hell) is entirely remitted, and the temporal punishment is partially remitted through your penance. The temporal punishment is due to the fact that all sin has consequences that we do not see, necessarily, and that we are bound, in justice, to repair the damage we have done - to the extent that we can. This punishment is remitted through good works - fasting, prayer, almsgiving; it is also remitted through an indulgence, a plenary indulgence remits ALL the punishment due to already forgiven sin. Anything not remitted in this life is paid for in purgatory as only the perfect can enter heaven.

What is the moral of The Crucible?

Sin and punishment

Does the islamic belief solve the problem of sin suffering?

No, Quran does not address the issue of how the punishment of the sin problem is solved. For this reason, Quran teaches that all Muslims will have to go to hell (Surah 19:71). Judaic faith addresses sin problem through animal sacrifice. Christian faith addresses the issue of sin and its punishment by the sacrifice of Jesus. Since man was unable to save himself from the punishment of the sin problem, God gave mankind a way (Jesus Christ accepting punishment for sinners) to be saved from sin by believing in His Son Jesus (John 3:16).

How would the prophet bear God's punishment for sin?

Christ, the Son Of God, was Crucified for all our sins.

What are the release dates for It Is Written - 1956 Anatomy of Sin Part 1?

It Is Written - 1956 Anatomy of Sin Part 1 was released on: USA: 2006

Who was known as the prophet of sin and punishment?


What is the relation of sins to punishments in Dante's Inferno?

In Dante's Inferno, the punishments suffered by sinners are directly related to the sins they committed in life. The severity of the punishment reflects the severity of the sin. Each punishment is meant to symbolize the spiritual consequences of the sin.

Is sin justified by the law?

Actually the opposite. According to God's law the punishment for sin is death.

Which statement would Dante the character most likely agree with after completing his journey through Hell?

God is fair and just in all of his punishment of sin.

What is the story the punishment?

the punishment is the remedy given for owns own sin to retrospect himself and to make a change in ones attitude.

What religion people could find that releases from thel suffrering in Nirvana?

what ever is the punishment for the sin. Jesus the son of God who died for all mankind on the cross and rose from death and is at now God's right hand side sitting in heaven (spiritual world) can forgive the sin and take way the punishment for the same, if one determines to leave sin and live sinless life.