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that only the chinese understended their language

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Q: What was an advantage of the Chinese writing system?
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Advantages of Chinese writing system?

The principle advantage is that being a symbolic system, it can be used for different languages and languages of different eras; a modern Chinese person can read ancient Chinese writing from thousands of years ago. Compare that with English; only an expert could read beowolf or Chaucer.

What is the basis of the Chinese writing system?


The Chinese system of writing was difficult to learn because it used?

The Chinese system of writing was difficult to learn because it used a complex system of symbols. The Kanji of the Asian languages are difficult to master because one must learn the strokes and their order to execute it properly.

Are the Chinese converting to western alphabet?

While many Chinese people are learning the Western alphabet (usually as part of learning English), there is no widespread conversion from the Chinese writing system to the Western alphabet. The Chinese writing system, which uses characters, is still the predominant form of writing in China.

What are the advantages of the Chinese system of writing?

The Chinese writing system allows for communication across different Chinese-speaking regions despite spoken language variations. It also preserves historical texts and cultural heritage due to its longevity and complex characters. Additionally, Chinese characters can convey meaning through their visual representation, providing clues to pronunciation and meaning.

Japanese writing system based on Chinese characters?

The Japanese writing system, known as kanji, is based on Chinese characters. Kanji are adopted characters from Chinese writing, with each character representing a word or concept. In addition to kanji, the Japanese writing system also includes hiragana and katakana, which are syllabic scripts.

What Chinese writing developed from a system of?

Chinese writing developed from a system of logographs, where each character represents a word or a meaningful unit of meaning. The Chinese writing system is one of the oldest in the world and has influenced many other East Asian writing systems. It is composed of thousands of characters, each with its own unique pronunciation and meaning.

Why is early Chinese writing important?

Early Chinese writing is important because it is one of the oldest writing systems in the world, dating back thousands of years. It has allowed for the preservation of Chinese historical records, literature, and philosophy. Additionally, the writing system has played a significant role in the development of Chinese culture and identity.

How was ancient Chinese writing system different from cuneiform and hieroglyphic writing?

Chinese writing was more complex and people could actually figure out the language,while people could

What advantage did a writing system in china have?

They all spoke in different languages but the system of writing was universal so everyone could read and write it.

Who introduced the Chinese writing system to the Japanese?

Korean scribes

How did Chinese writing develop?

The Shang developed a dynasty and a culture that included a system of writing. Shang developed their system of writing with pictographs. This system of writing used simple drawings, or characters for words and ideas.