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Q: What was an effect of Europeans finding new lands?
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What effect did the discovery that the ocean could be crossed have on europeans?

It made Europeans eager to explore new lands. More investments were aimed at exploration of new lands and discovery of new wealth.

What are the reasons why Europeans set out to explore new lands?

TO expand thir lands

What did Christopher Columbus' voyage to the Americas do for the Europeans?

Opened up a whole new world by proving that the world was not flat and finding new lands and people to exploit.

What were reasons europeans were exploring new lands?

what is the answer pleas tell me

Why did the Europeans sail in search of new lands?

because they wanted to

Why did the Europeans invade the mi'kmaqs?

They were exploring for new lands and fishing along the coast.

Why were the Europeans interested in discovering new lands and markets?

Europeans were interested in discovering new lands and markets to expand their trade networks, access new resources, and increase their wealth and power. They were also motivated by the desire to spread Christianity and gain glory for their monarchs.

In what manner did europeans explore and exploit lands and peoples they discovered?

Europeans approached the lands and peoples they discovered as new possessions they had gained. In this view the riches of the land, along with its people belonged to them by right of conquest.

What did the Europeans think about the Native Americans land?

Once the Europeans had settled themselves, in a manner of speaking, they saw the vast lands they controlled as areas for farming. These were lands that were "fresh" lands as compared to European farmlands and had a vast potential for expanding westward. In other areas of the New World, Europeans saw the potential of mineral deposits, gold and silver as examples.

What were europeans tring to avoidwhen finding a new route to Asia?

sea monsters

What was the second reason European wanted to explore new lands?

The second reason Europeans wanted to explore new lands was to spread Christianity and convert indigenous populations to the religion. This was often seen as a way to fulfill a religious duty and expand the influence of the Catholic Church.

Why did the europeans motivated to explore new land?

Europeans were motivated to explore new lands for several reasons, including the search for wealth and resources, the desire to spread Christianity and convert indigenous peoples, the pursuit of glory and power for their home countries, and the hope of finding new trade routes to Asia. Additionally, competition among European nations fueled the race to discover and claim new territories.