What was bad about Robert Clive?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Robert Clive, 1st Baron Clive of Plassey, KB (29 September 1725--22 November 1774), also known as Clive of India, was a British soldier who established British control in Southern India and Bengal. Together with Warren Hastings he was one of the key figures in the creation of British India.

Robert Clive was born at Styche, the family estate, in the parish in Moreton Say, near Market Drayton, Shropshire. Teachers were unable to control the young Clive. He is said to have climbed the tower of St Mary's Parish Church in Market Drayton and sat on a gargoyle, frightening people down below. He also attempted to set up a protection racket enforced by a gang of youths. Faced with the choice of paying up or receiving a visit from Clive and his 'boys', many of Market Drayton's shopkeepers decided to pay. He bad behaviour resulted in him being expelled from three schools, including Market Drayton Grammar School.

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was robert clive a bad person

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Q: What was bad about Robert Clive?
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Who was the British general who ousted the French from India and founded British India?

Robert Clive.

Sir Robert Clive was an aggressive British empire builder who?

He was empowered by the British crown to fight any force that threatened the East India Company's power in India.

Who was Robert clive?

Robert Clive The foundations of the British empire in India were, it is said, laid by Robert Clive, known to his admirers as the "conqueror of India". Clive first arrived in India in 1743 as a civil servant of the East India Company; he later transferred to the military service of the Company and returned to England in 1753, where he able to follow a comfortable life-style. But his penchant for extravagance and ostentatious displays of wealth, just as much as his electoral loss in his attempt to gain a seat in the House of Commons, opened him to the attacks of his creditors and political opponents. Meanwhile, in Bengal, where the British and the French were contesting for supremacy, the Company required the services of an able commander. Clive was eager to return to India; and soon the summons came. He arrived in India in 1756 and at once secured the British forces in Madras. He then moved to Calcutta, which had been captured by the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-daulah, and early in 1757 he recaptured Bengal. Later that year, on June 23rd, he defeated the Nawab, largely by means of bribes, at the so-called "Battle of Plassey".

Robert Clive - Hero or Villain?

Since a kid he was a trouble maker he also led his class mates into ditches in rebellion against school rules. Robert Clive was reckless and violent person and played a vital role in british conquest in subcontinent. He was also addicted to opium ''illegal drug''. So although a recless person he was a planner and used many means of bribes and attacks to overthrow Nawab of Bengal he was a great conquerer. But any how he was a ''Villain''.

Founder of India?

Robert Clive, 1724-1774, is the founder of India, by unifying its princes and expelling the French and the Dutch. Mahatma Ghandi is the liberator of India.Mahatma Gandhi is the founder of India. By uniting up to 5000 princely states into one country, he became known as it's founder.

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What is Robert Clive's birthday?

Robert Clive was born on September 29, 1725.

When was Robert Clive Jones born?

Robert Clive Jones was born in 1947.

When was Robert Clive born?

Robert Clive was born on September 29, 1725.

How old was Robert Clive at death?

Robert Clive died on November 22, 1774 at the age of 49.

What has the author Robert Napier Clive Bowen written?

Robert Napier Clive Bowen has written: 'The exploration of time'

Who laid the foundation of the British empire?

Robert clive is the one who laid the foundation of british empire

What is Robert Clive famous for?

Robert Clive was a Baron. He was better known as Clive of India, a name he was given after he went to India and was involved in the establishment of the East India Company.

What is Robert Clive famous for doing?

Robert Clive was a member of the British military. He is known for securing India and all of its wealth.

What did robert clive travel in.?


Who laid the foundation of the british?

Robert Clive

Who is Clive of India?

Major General Robert Clive, 1st Baron Clive (Born 29 September 1725 - Died 22 November 1774)

Who was the governor general after Robert Clive?

Warren Hastings