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to learn to dance and be selfish and swim and fart and burp and slouch and meet rohinton and jp and aaron and mary and doodle and lauren and shea and walker and allie and keegan and kala and courtney and ajay and josie and jakob and alexandria

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Q: What was expected of a daughter in Shakespeare's time?
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What was in William Shakespeares will?

He left just about everything to his daughter Susanna.

When was shakespeares daughter born?

He had two: one born in 1583 and another in 1585.

What were the trousers called in shakespeares time?


What job did a constable do in shakespeares time?

He was a policeman of sorts.

The cultural influences in William Shakespeares time?

what was the culture of the people in shakespeare time

Could you eat and drink in the theatre?

Yes, in Shakespeares time.

Who was two great explorers of shakespeares time?

donit know

Who played all the roles during shakespeares time?


What time of day were William shakespeares plays?


What did shakespeares daughter susannah do for a living?

She was married to Dr. John Hall. She kept their house, which was not an easy job back then. It took a lot of time and a lot of skill. She probably also helped in Dr. Hall's surgery.

What were theartres like in William shakespeares time?

In his time, young boys did the role of ladies.

Who played the role of young girls in shakespeares time?

Young boys.