What was expected of a knight?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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protecting land, being honorable, being STUPIDA

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Q: What was expected of a knight?
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Why would a person become a knight in the middle ages?

It was expected of a young noble boy to train as a knight. He left home at 7 to become a page to a knight and stayed in his service until 21 when he became a knight.

What is expected of a knight in the Middle Ages?

During the middle ages, knights were expected to be chivalrous and truthful. they were to serve and protect the people, the monarch and the country.

What does a knight?

A knight served a lord or a king in medieval times. In times of war, a knight was expected to fight. Knights followed a code of chivalry, meaning they had to act with honor, bravery, courtesy, and loyalty.

Is there a chibi knight 2?

Armour Games has not announced the expected Chibi Knights 2, so for the time being, no, there is not.

Why would you not become a knight?

Knighthood didn't bring many benefits. While a knight was given a salary much larger to that of a squire, a knight was also expected to provide his own food, buy and maintain his own armour, and to pay taxes. This therefore made it expensive.

What the third Batman movie called?

Christopher Nolan's third Batman film is titled "The Dark Knight Rises." It is expected to be released on July 20, 2012.

Did knights have families?

Yes, knights were often expected to marry and have families to continue their lineage. However, their obligations to their lord and duties as a knight could sometimes make it challenging to prioritize family life. Family connections were important for a knight's social standing and alliances.

Are the knight's clothes comfortable?

If they weren't he could not reasonably be expected to function and would likely get killed. However they are not light, being made of metal on the outside.

What was the code of ethics a knight was supposed to upheld?

The code of ethics that a knight was supposed to uphold was known as chivalry. It included virtues such as courage, honor, loyalty, and humility. Knights were expected to protect the weak, defend their kingdoms, and uphold justice.

What was the role of a knight in Medeival Europe?

Basically the knight was part of a military cadre that the King could call up in case of war. They were usually expected to bring along and provide for their own group of foot soldiers. During battle, the knights formed the cavalry force of the King's army.

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Who was a knight?

a knight is a knight