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joh Chapman was best known for johny appleseed

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Q: What was john Chapman best known for?
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What was john Chapman known for?

joh Chapman was best known for johny appleseed

When did John Chapman die?

John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed, died February 18, 1845. John Chapman, the Australian politician, died 14 March 1931. John Chapman, the Australian evangelist, is still living. John Chapman, British priest, abbot and religious schollar, died 7 November 1933. John Chapman, a member of the House of Representatives from Pennsylvania, died 27 January 1800. John Chapman, a Maryland politician, died 10 December 1856. John Chapman, Canadian space researcher, died 28 September 1979. John Chapman, American author, poet and dramatist, died in 1933.

How did John Chapman die?

John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed died on February 18,1845. He died in his sleep from something called ''winter plague/presumably pneumonia.''

Who is birthday is on the 26 of September?

John Chapman or more famously known as Johnny Appleseed

What is Sarah Chapman best knows for?

Sarah Chapman is best known for being the mother of P. Diddy's child. P. Diddy is a popular music artist known primarily for his music in the rap genre.

Why is John Chapman famous?

If this who you are thinking of, John Chapman is Johnny Appleseed.

When did John Wilbur Chapman die?

John Wilbur Chapman died in 1918.

When was John Wilbur Chapman born?

John Wilbur Chapman was born in 1859.

When did John Gadsby Chapman die?

John Gadsby Chapman died in 1889.

When was John Roy Chapman born?

John Roy Chapman was born in 1927.

When did John Roy Chapman die?

John Roy Chapman died in 2001.

When was John Chapman - priest - born?

John Chapman - priest - was born in 1865.