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Kandalur Salai was run by Kerala Chanars for training warriors, and related worksmen for battle field. From this salai they trained various kings, princes and other statesmen, who later become great ones in history.

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Q: What was kandalur salai famous for?
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When did Battle of Kandalur Salai happen?

Battle of Kandalur Salai happened in 9##.

Who built kandalur salai as an ancient university?

Kandalur Salai is not a university. It is a Military Academy. It was run by Chanars (Kalari Masters) and they thought various forms of battlefield fights including 'Kalari" which is still prevalent in Kerala. This place was situated near the present Trivandrum. There were 4 (four) such 'salai' the head being at Muzhikulam. The legend says 4 (four) brahmin students of Parasurama statrted at 4 places the Military Academy namely 'salai" including one at Kandalur. We come across this Kandalur Salai during the period of Rajaraja Chozha as he is said to fought and conquered this salai. It is clearly mentioned in all his 'meikeerthi' as "Kandalursalai Kalamarutha". This was his first fight. He conquered both Pandyas and Cheras. He sent his Navy to "Vizinka" which is at present situated near Kovalam and captured Vizhinjam and destroyed Kandalursalai. Though precisely we do not know why he attacked a Military Academy it is said that in retaliation of killing of his brother Aditya Karikalan he attacked this 'salai' as the plot was hatched here with the help of Pandyas it was executed. There is evidence to show that As soon as he came to power he kicked out of his country one Ravidasan and his brother Parameswaran along with their families and also those have relationship with their family (that is "[en koduthor and pen eduthor". They were from Cheranadu and they had vast influence in the politics of Chozha and was patronized by Uthama Chozha during his 12 years of rule. He created a settlment at Chadurvedi Mangalam for them. The above is what I know about "Kandalur Salai". If there is any mistake, may please be excused as I am not a scholar; but only an interested student in the history.

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