What was maconochie?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Machonochies was a famous and well known fish processing company back in the 50's 60's and 70's. They had depots in HUll and Stornoway. I believe their headquarters were in Fraserburgh.

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Q: What was maconochie?
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When did Allan Maconochie die?

Allan Maconochie died in 1816.

When was Allan Maconochie born?

Allan Maconochie was born in 1748.

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When did Alexander Maconochie-Welwood die?

Alexander Maconochie-Welwood died in 1861.

When was Alexander Maconochie-Welwood born?

Alexander Maconochie-Welwood was born in 1777.

When did Alexander Maconochie - penal reformer - die?

Alexander Maconochie - penal reformer - died on 1860-10-25.

When was Alexander Maconochie - penal reformer - born?

Alexander Maconochie - penal reformer - was born on 1787-02-11.

Who initiated the concept of good time?

Alexander Maconochie

Did Alexander Maconochie use the dumb cells on Norfolk Island?


In the report that Maconochie sent back to Britain about the penal colony in Tasmania What two key points were in the report that Maconochie sent back to Britain about the penal colony in Tasmania?

Punishment should not be applied with a sense of revenge, and imprisonment should consist of tasks not time. and What was Maconochie’s definition of a task in the context of punishment? It is A specific amount of labor that, once completed, releases the prisoner.

What early correctional leader developed a system of marks through which prisoners could earn credits to buy their freedom?

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