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spreading reigion

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Q: What was not important to the Dutch?
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What was not important the Dutch?

spreading reigion

Who were important people in New York?

The Dutch

Was the education system important to the dutch?

The Dutch have no general high school program. Dutch children are required to go to school from the ages of 5-16.

Why was animal fur important to the dutch?

Trading- it was expensive

Who is important when the Dutch founded New York?

Peter Minuit.

Who settled the seven important towns in New Jersey in 1667?

The seven important towns in New Jersey in 1667 were founded by the Dutch and the English. The towns of Middletown and Elizabethtown were founded by the English and the important town of Bergen was founded by the Dutch.

What was an important economic of both the French and the Dutch settlements?

Fur trade

What natural feature was the most important to Dutch colonists?

the Hudson River

What are important events that happened in Connecticut?

connecticut was first explored by the dutch

Why was the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824 important to the British?

1. The British needed to have the support of the Dutch in the event of a common enemy. (This is only 1 answer.)

Why is Rotterdam important to the Netherlands?

... It's not.

What was the important economic activity of both the French and the Dutch settlements?

Fur trade