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production on farms declined rapidly

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why he did not complete

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Q: What was one major effect of agricultural collectivization under Joseph Stalin?
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What was a major effect of Josef Stalin's policy of collectivization on soviet agriculture was?

a widespread food shortage.

What was one positive effect of the Soviet Unions central planning?

The leader Joseph Stalin imposed strict 5 year plans to boost industrial and agricultural production.

Harry Truman made the statement a vote for Henry in 1948 Wallace was in effect a vote for?

Joseph Stalin

What does tds effect?

ecological agricultural

Did the development on civilization have an effect on the agricultural revolution?


How does communism effect the Stalin hostile speech?

That's where he got his motivation from

An important effect of the agricultural revolution was?

An important effect of the agricultural revolution transformed access to farmed food. This lead to the commercial farming industry and the mass distribution of farmed food.

What effect could the agricultural area have on the everglades?

Something about stuff

Did Joseph Stalin kill his mother?

Stalin did not kill his family. His father and mother died of natural causes. His first wife died of typhus. His second wife committed suicide. His eldest son, Yakov, committed virtual suicide by deliberately running at the fence while in a German prisoner of war camp so that the guards would shoot him. They didn't miss. (Stalin had already refused to exchange him for German prisoners of war telling the Germans he had no son by that name.) His next eldest son, Vasily, and daughter, Svetlana, survived him. Ironically, Stalin had signed a decree to the effect that all Russian soldiers who allowed themselves to be taken prisoner were to be considered traitors and enemies of the state. They and their entire families were subject to exile, imprisonment or execution. Joseph Stalin was therefore, by his own decree, legally subject to execution for treason when his son was taken prisoner.

What was one negative environmental effect on the agricultural revolution?

One negative environmental effect of the agricultural revolution was deforestation. As more land was cleared for farming, it led to the destruction of forests, resulting in loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, and disruption of ecosystems.

Who proposed the green house effect in 1824?

Joseph fourier

Did the environment effect the Romans or did the Romans effect the environment?

Well, the agricultural enviornment improved, due to farming and planting. The enviornment itself did not change.