What was the Barons revolt?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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During the middle ages ,the King owned all of the land in England . He rented this land to Barons and in return the Barons paid the King and provided him with knights . This system worked well for both parties but during the late 12 th and early 13 th centuries,the barons became increasingly uncomfortable with the deal .They demanded more rights from the King which King John was reluctant to give.However , signed a contract or the 'Magna Carta' in 1215 but did not honour the charter . The Barons eventually got together and rebelled .This rebellion known as the Baron's revolt was the first 'Baron's War' (1215 - 1217) Later in the second half of the century a Frenchman, Simon de Montfort, led the barons in a second revolt resulting in two famous battles (Lewes 1264 ) and Evesham in 1267 where de Montfort was killed and the revolt was crushed by Edward 1 the most notorious king of the Middle Ages

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The Barons in England rebelled twice. Once in 1215 against King John of England and again in 1264 against John's son King Henry III of England.

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Q: What was the Barons revolt?
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