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<span style="font-style: italic;"><span style="font-weight: bold;">the french settlement in Canada was a long time ago......

</span><span style="font-style: italic;"><span style="text-decoration: line-through;"><span style="font-style: italic;">because the french liked tomatoes they rode into Canada on the backs of camels. the camels liked licorice too so the french invaded Canada while the flamingoes and the buffalos from India watched while they got sunburnt and drank Gatorade and loved pelicans.</span></span></span>


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The first French settlers in Canada were called 'Acadians". Acadia was a colony of France in North America which included parts of Quebec, Maritime provinces and present day US state of Maine. The habitation at Port Royal in Quebec was the first French Settlement and served as the capital of Acadia.

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Port royal, acadia

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Q: What was the French settlement in Canada?
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Who is the president of Canada French settlement?

No president in Canada.

Who created the first successful settlement in Canada?

The French created the first successful settlement in Canada.

What is the location of the first permanent french settlement in Canada?

It is located in Quebec, Canada.It is located in Quebec, Canada.

Where was the first permanent French settlement in Canada?

Samuel de Champlain founded a permanent settlement in Quebec in 1608.

A unique form of rural settlement developed in french Canada is called what?

long lots

What was the first french settlement in Canada and who was it led by?

Closer to rivers and lakes, lots of resources.

What was the first French settlement in north America?

it is not in Canada. it is along the st. Lawrence river

Where are Jolliet and marquette from?

marquette was from Laon, France and Jolliet was from a French Settlement near Quebec city, Canada

A unique form of rural settlement developed in french Canada is called?

Strip lots are a unique form of rural settlement. French Canada divided the land differently than other areas of Canada by having long, narrow sections of land extending from the rivers.

Did Samuel de Champlain establish a French settlement?

Yes, Samuel de Champlain established a French settlement in Quebec City, Canada in 1608. This settlement became the capital of New France and played a key role in the establishment of French colonies in North America.

How did Samuel de Champlain impact Canada?

Samuel de Champlain played a major role in the early exploration and settlement of Canada. He founded Quebec City in 1608, which became the first permanent French settlement in North America. Champlain's efforts helped establish French presence in Canada, laying the foundation for future colonization and the development of New France.

What country and city was Louis Jolliet born?

Louis Jolliet was born in a French settlement near Quebec City, Canada.