What was the Italian Renaissance?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Italian renaissance was a period of time (1330-1550) In Italy. It was the rise of Humanism.

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Q: What was the Italian Renaissance?
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Related questions

Who were the leaders in the Italian Renaissance?

The leaders of the Italian Renaissance was michelangelo

What was outstanding city of the Italian Renaissance?

The outstanding city of the Italian Renaissance was Florence.

When was the period of the Italian Renaissance?

The Italian Renaissance period lasted between 1330 to 1550. The Italian Renaissance was one of the earliest forms of the European Renaissance that started a great cultural change.

What did Raphael do during the Italian Renaissance?

All his work as a painter belongs to the Italian Renaissance.

What The difference between the northern Renaissance and the Italian Renaissance?

One is Northern and the other is Italian :)

What was Leonardo Da Vinci's period of art?

He lived during the Italian High Renaissance.

Many art historians argue that the Italian Renaissance began in?

The Italian Renaissance began in Florence.

When did the Italian Renaissance end?

The Italian Renaissance ended in the late 1500's, almost getting to 1600.

Was William Shakespeare apart of the northern or Italian renaissance?

He was certainly not a part of the Italian Renaissance. He was never in italy and did not appear to know any Italian.

What makes Italian and Northern Renaissance the same?

They are not the same. Italian Renaissance and Northern Renaissance painting styles break with preceding styles but in different ways.

What ideas and interests defined the Italian Renaissance?

Italian Renaissance is was the earliest manifestation of the general European Renaissance. This is a period of great cultural change and achievement.

What does renaissance literally mean?

Renaissance means 'rebirth' in Italian.