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Yes, the Bubonic Plague whad hit an epidemic before 1564 and was winding down by 1616.

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The plague that hit London in 1593 is known as the Bubonic plague or the Black Death. It is responsible for killing more than 17,000 people.

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The Bubonic Plague

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Q: What was the London plague outbreak in 1593?
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Why were london theaters closed in 1593-1594?

a severe outbreak of bubonic plague

Why were the theatres all ordered closed in 1593?

London due to an outbreak of the plague.

What caused all theatres to close in 1593 1594?

The London theaters closed in 1593 because of an outbreak of plague.

Why were London theatres shut down in 1593-1594?

There was a particularly nasty outbreak of plague.

Why did the theaters of England close down in 1642?

London theatres were closed in 1593 because of an outbreak of the plague. They re-opened in late 1594.The companies tried touring around the country but could not make it pay and had to disband.Due to the Bubonic Plague (The Black Death)

Why were many theatres closed during shakespeares time?

All theatres in London were closed during the years 1592-1593 because of a particularly nasty plague outbreak. During that time, actors had to play in venues outside of London, which were much less profitable. There was a smaller plague outbreak and theatre closure in London in 1596.

Why did the theaters close for two years?

All the theatres in London were closed in 1593 and 1594 because of a really bad plague outbreak. The prolonged closure put most of the acting companies out of business.

What was Shakespeare's first work published?

In 1593, a plague outbreak in London caused the theatres to close. Shakespeare had chosen not to leave London, but rather had chosen to stay and put the finishing touches to his first published work, Venus and Adonis.

What happened to all the companies in London in 1593?

What happened to all of the companies in London in 1593 was that most were closed because of the plague. The theater companies were completely closed and thousands of people died.

What happened to all the theatre companies around the plague?

1593 and 1594 in London

What specific disease caused the London theaters to close in 1593 and part of 1594?

Bubonic Plague

Why did all the London theatres close in London between 1593 1594?

There was a plague. All of the theaters were closed for public health reasons.