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The Winter Palace was the headquarters for the Provisional Government. The Bolsheviks did not like how the government was being run so they wanted to take over. A major thing they wanted to change was to take them out of the war.

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Q: What was the Winter Palace for in Russia in 1917?
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What group controlled Russia government in November of 1917?

The Bolshevik force seized the winter palace

What is home of Russia's czars?

The Winter Palace WAS the home of Russia's Tsars- but Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia, gave up his power in March, 1917.

Longitude and latitude of winter palace russia?

The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia is at 59 56N, 30 18E.

Who lived in the Winter Palace?

The Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia was home to the Russian monarchs. In 1905 after the events Bloody Sunday the Russian monarch moved to Alexander Palace.

What Romanov palace is in St Petersburg Russia?

The Winter Palace: Prior home of the last czar, Nicholas II

When did communist seize Russia?

October Revolution 1917, Palace Revolution.

Famous man made landmarks in russia?

Kremlin in Moscow The winter palace in Saint Peterburg

Why is the winter palace called the winter palace?

Because it is used in winter

When was Bosch Palace created?

Bosch Palace was created in 1917.

Where is the winter palace?

The Winter Palace is located in St. Petersburg, Russia.hope this helps! :D

When did Oxford Picture Palace end?

Oxford Picture Palace ended in 1917.

Where is the Winter palace located?

The Winter Palace is located in St. Petersburg, Russia.hope this helps! :D