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Glorious Revolution

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Q: What was the bloodless change of power when William became king of England?
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How did slavery in Africa change after Europeans became involved?

It grew hugely, and became trans-oceanic.

Who was the last monarch to rule England?

The Kingdoms of Scotland and England were united in 1707. The monarch on the throne at that time was Queen Anne who was "Queen Anne of England, Scotland and Ireland" before the union and "Queen of Great Britain" afterwards (she also held the titles "Queen of Ireland" and "Queen of France".Therefore Queen Anne was the last Queen of England, the last Queen of Scots and the first Queen of Great Britain.Some incorrectly think that Elizabeth I of England and Ireland was the last monarch of England because after her death she was succeeded by James who became James I of England having already been James VI of Scots. James was still the monarch of the Kingdom of England and the fact that he was already King of Scots does not change that fact (and why should it? - Elizabeth was the monarch of England and Ireland so she was still the monarch of England). England and Scotland were still separate kingdoms regardless of the fact that they shared a monarch. James VI and I attempted to proclaim himself "King of Great Britain in 1604" but his proclamation was not accepted by any parliament (if it had been then he could arguably have been the last monarch of England). As it was Great Britain did not become a state until 1707.The last monarch to rule England and no other kingdom was Henry VIII of England who later became King of Ireland.The last monarch to rule England and only ever England and no other kingdom was Henry VII although he was "Lord of Ireland". The last English monarch to not be "Lord of Ireland" before him was Stephen.Note that William III of England and Ireland took the throne of those countries on 13th February 1689 but was not the King of Scots (as William II) until 11th May 1689 demonstrating that the Scottish Parliament was separate to that of England and that the rules of succession of Scotland and England were different.Similarly the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland no longer existed after the union so there has been no monarch of England since.

How many revolutions happened in france?

Depends what you call a Revolution. If it's a change of Constitution, there have been 23. If you mean a violent overthrow of the existing régime, then there were revolutions in 1789, 1792, 1795, 1799, 1805 (though the change from Consulate to Empire was bloodless), 1814, 1815, 1830, 1848 and 1870. I make that 9 or 10.

How would the world change if inhumanly endowed futa's became your overlords?


How important was the Norman conquest?

William the Conqueror brought many things to England. * The Fuedal System. * The Domesday Book. - A book that recorded the wealth of England and how it could be taxed. * The Sheriffs. * Castles - To defent England from future invasion. Thats just a veiw but Williams influence contributed to a lot of systems that helped developed England.

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Bloodless change the power when William became king of England?

Glorious revolution

What was the name of the bloodless change of power in 1688 England?

Glorious Revolution

What was the change of the battle of hastings?

The change caused by Harold's death and the Anglo-Saxon's defeat by the Normans, at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, was that William I of Normandy became the new King of England. He was crowned as King William I, though was usually known as William the Conqueror, or even William the Bastard.

What are the effects of the Glorious Revolution in England?

The bloodless change in power, from James II to William influenced the colonists to use the English Bill of Rights and the Toleration Act to create the American Bill of Rights. At the time, however, it justified the colonists to revolt against Governor-General Andros.

How did England change under the rule of William the Conqueror?


What was the things William conqueror did not change in England?

He kept London as the capital

How did England's change after 1000?

because william's descendant,john, raised taxes.

What did Elizabeth change when she became queen?

She changed the religion by returning England to Protestantism.

Did William the Conqueror change Cathedral windows when he became King?

yes he did but then they changed again

Why did William duke of Normandy change his plan to sail in England in July?

Bad weather.

How did England government change after 1000?

because william's descendant,john, raised taxes.

What did the company William Shakespeare change their name to?

Lord Hunsdon's Men became the Lord Chamberlain's Men which became the King's Men.