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Mount Nyiragongo is a volcano located in the African nation the Democratic Republic of Congo. It exploded in 2002 as a result of the tectonic spreading of the Kivu rift.

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Q: What was the cause of the 2002 eruption of Mount Nyiragongo?
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How did they evacuate in the eruption of nyiragongo in 2002?

Never did

When did mount Nyiragongo erupt?

Mount Nyiragongo erupted on the 21 January 2002 in the Democratic republic of Congo.

How many people were killed when mount Nyiragongo erupt in 2002?

About 147 people died when Mount Nyiragongo erupted in 2002. They victims died of asphyxiation from the large quantities of carbon dioxide in the air.

What time did the eruption of novarupta happen?

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Did the eruption of mt etna 2002-2003 cause any deaths?

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Why did Mount Nyiragongo erupt in 2002?

Nyiragongo is associated with a formation called the East African Rift, a region in which Africa is being pulled apart by geologic forces. As the African plate is pulled apart, the crust becomes thin. The decreases pressure on the extremely hot rocks of the upper mantle, allowing them to melt. This molten rock, called magma, then rises up through the crust to form volcanoes such as Nyiragongo.

Where was the mt etna 2002 eruption?

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What where the effects of the Mount Etna eruption in 2002?

Mt etna erupted in November 2002, the primary effects were that the eruption destroyed more than 300 family businesses, another would be that the Italian Governament gave tax breakes to villagers in the city of Catania.

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What damage did Mount Etna cause in 2002?

During the night spanning 27th and 28th October.

How many people were left homeless after the eruption of Mount Etna?

I couldn't find an exact number but, locals from towns and villagers within a 15km radius of the volcano were evacuated in the four days prior to the October 2002 eruption.

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