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it is much colder than it is now when they first arrived

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Q: What was the climate of the Lenni Lenape Indians?
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Did lenni lenape Indians build totems?


How do the lenni lenape say thank you?

The Lenni Lenape Indians said welcome by saying "nuleintam Eli paan (I am so glad you came)"

The native Americans who lived in Delaware were?

Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians

Where did the Lenni Lenape village look like?

the lenni lenape villages had sweat lodges for the sick wigwams long houses and a rectangular council house

Who are the Lenni-Lappe?

The Lenni-Lenape, also known as the Delaware Indians, are an indigenous tribe from the Northeastern Woodlands of North America. They have a rich cultural history and were known for their agriculture, hunting, and trading skills. Today, many Lenni-Lenape are part of the Delaware Tribe of Indians and the Delaware Nation.

What does the word lenape mean?

Lenapi or Lenni-Lenape, also known as the Delaware Indians translates to "real men".

What name did the Delaware Indians call themselves?

Their correct name is Lenni Lenape, often shortened to just Lenape. The "lenni" means something like genuine, real or original and "lenape" means men or people.

Are there still lenni lenape Indians in Pennsylvania?

yes they still live in pennsilvanya

Did the Europeans use the lenni lenape Indians as slaves?

Lenni Lenape were slave owners! In fact Europeans looked down on selling them to the lenni Lenape because they were cannibals. Just as likely to eat a slave once he got old or food was short. This is one of the reasons they called them savages.

What nation did lenape come from?

Lenni Lenape means men of men or originial people. The Lenni Lenape tribe were called the Delaware Indians by Europeans. They lived in New Jersey, Delaware, southern New York and eastern Pennsylvania in the 1600s.

What Indians were in colonial New Jersey?

Minsi, Unami, and Unilachtigo (all Lenni-Lenape subgroups)

What Indians lived in New Jersey?

The Lenni-lenape lived there in NJ (called the Delaware by the European).