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it was very hard because the wife of a habitant mostly took care of everything

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Q: What was the daily life of a habitant wife?
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What did Louis Hébert do in his life?

was the first habitant in new france

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Where do habitant live?

The Habitant where the inhabitants of New France.

What were the advantages and disadvantages of habitant in France?

The Advantages to The Habitant Were: They Can Eat What They Growed. Disadvantages To The Habitant Were: They had to pay money to the Seigneur

What was the daily life of a habitant child?

In the 1670's how a habitant child lived was like this:mainly ate breadhelped parentsit was tough in the winter for them because the crops froze and it was hard to pay the seigneurs (the parents paid not the child but this affects them too)most do not have good educationare of catholic religioncan be called slaveshelped to clear landhope this helps :) i had a social project due on it... is that why you asked?

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What were the pros of being a habitant?


What are the good things about being a habitant?


What is an habitant?

A colonist of new France.

What are the responsibilities of an Habitant?

c c

What is the value of an 1837 Canadian habitant penny token?

There were two Habitant bank tokens sold together at a Christies Auction for $418 for the pair.