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The large public debt and the unfair tax code which gave the nobles and the Catholic Church tax free status coupled with a government that was not representative or responsive to the majority of the population.

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When Louis XVI had to convoke the Estates General, the third estate (the bourgeoisie) ordered to double their numbers in the Estates General, because the majority of France existed of Bourgeoisie. The others 2 estates (the nobility and the clergy) did not agree with this, but the King gave in to the third estate. When the Estates General met, they had on one occasion locked out the third estates members. The third estate members went to a nearby tennis court at Versailles and swore they would not dissemble until a constitution for France would be drawn up and accepted.

Together with the storming of the Bastille (3 weeks later) this was significant for the beginning of the French Revolution

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A high national debt, high and unfair tax code, lack of representation, a shortage of basic foods and an inept and ineffective Monarch.

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Q: What was the events that influenced the French Revolution in 1800?
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Which country had the largest number of slaves in the 1800?

French Colonies in the Caribbean.

What happened in 1806?

There are so many historical events that happened in the year 1800. Some of the events include Austrians defeating the French in the second battle of Novi and Washington DC being established as the US capital among others.

What was the difference between the British monarchy and French monarchy in the 1800's?

Pretty big difference because the real French royals fought through out most of the 1800's to retain the monarchy. They had to deal with Napoleon and his son and nephew for control. Napoleon and his successors weren't actually royalty even though they acted like were and even though the French for some odd reason treated them like they were. In reality they were despotic militaristic politicians. France went back and forth multiple times in the 1800's between having a monarchy and not, whereas Britain maintained the monarchy (in a constitutional role) through out the 1800's till now just fine; which is probably why Britain has (since Oliver Cromwell) avoided a tyrant.

What countries owned Louisiana before the US?

Louisiana was under French control from 1682-1763 it was then ceded to Spain and back to France in 1800. It was then purchased by the United States in 1803. Previous inhabitants were Native.

What do all revolutions have in common?

Revolutions are never "popular." They can be "populist" in nature. And without an "idea" there can't be a revolution, because there is nothing to gain (ie freedom, liberty, equality, self-determination, democracy). Populist revolutions in Russia weren't even plausible until the ideas arrived. By the mid to late 1800's, Russia had become a cesspool of thought with the arrival of largely French ideas. These ideas would combine, and recombine, and splinter away from each other, until there were large (not popular) factions representing the gambit of thought from Liberalism, to Communism, to Anarchism. Eventually, the chaos of revolutionary Russia would be crushed under the weight of Soviet Communism. In America, most of what could be called "American Intellectuals" traced their ideas back to the ideas that came out of the Age of Enlightenment. In America, perhaps in part due to their distance from the UK, a significant number (not a majority) chose to revolt. It was, eventually, successful. Back in France, where most Enlightenment ideas had been baking for some time; they saw the success of the American Revolution. And within a relatively short amount of time, the French Revolution would begin. The ideas were French, but until they'd seen the American colonies throw off the British, those ideas would be discussed with relatively no action. In 1848, once again, the French would revolt against their government. However, in the time since the original French Revolution, the ideas had spread across Europe. On seeing the French revolt in 1848, Europe was set ablaze with revolutions including Hungary, Romania, Poland, and many others. It was a "revolutionary wave" effect. The ideas had set in, but people had forgotten that they could act on those ideas, until the French revolted. In 2011, thanks to the internet, ideas have spread much faster. Tunisia, toppled it's dictator with hopes of finally spreading Liberalism and Freedom. This revolution in Tunisia, ended up toppling the government of Egypt, and has spread to most of the rest of the Middle East. We are currently, in the middle of another "revolutionary wave" effect.

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Jefferson's Revolution of 1800 was not as much of a revolution as he thought?


Jefferson's Revolution of 1800 was not as much of a revolution as he thought.?


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