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the carve was a big hole in the wall i was like no it wasnt , then they sad it was right so i said awsome

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Spain, Portugal, France and England.

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Q: What was the first European country to carve an empire in the Americas?
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Why did European nations want to establish colonies in Africa?

It was colonized because there was a lot of gold and diamonds in Africa

Why did the mongol empire declined after 14th century?

The Mongol Empire fell into decline IN the 14th century. The reason was a combination of factors: first the gradual weakening of the central position of the Khans which caused many local govenors and warlords to carve out their own dominions and fight their neighbors, then the outbreak in Mongolia of the Black Death that quickly spread over all of the Mongol Empire and then over all of Europe. As in Europe, it killed millions of people and added greatly to the desintegration of Mongol power and of Mongol society. China made use of all these developments to chase the Mongols out and establish the Ming dynasty. By the end of the 14th century nothing remained of the Mongol Empire but a number of small and often competing Hordes that would continue to decline in power and territory.

History of the printing press?

Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440. He knew that wood block printing took a long time because you had to carve each letter. He invented a press with metal lettering, which was much easier to make once you had a mold.

Did the europeans successfully control the middle east?

If the question is asking whether European Powers (specifically, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Russia) established colonies, protectorates, mandates, and spheres of influence in the Middle East, the answer is: Yes. However the question as phrased is a little difficult to understand. It is unclear what "successfully controlling" something means. If it refers to an intentional re-molding of society like what the Spaniards did in Latin America, than the Europeans did not "successfully control" the Middle East. Additionally, if "successfully controlling" refers to having power and authority over all parts of the Middle East, the Europeans did not "successfully control" the Middle East since Saudi Arabia was always independent of the West and Turkey effectively fought off attempts to carve spheres of influence into its territory.

What different things did artisans make back then?

Artisans were skilled workers who made pottery, clothing, baskets, and drawings all by hand.

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