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China traded extensively with the West from the 16th century, exporting silk, porcelain, cotton fabrics and tea, receiving in return tens of thousands of tons of silver mined in Spain's American colonies. But its rulers didn't see trade - or specifically, imports of merchandise - as essential given the Empire's size and wealth. They were right to be wary: when the British finally found a good to send to China to pay for their tea purchases, it was opium and it all but wrecked the country, to be followed later in the 19th century by shipments of cheap manufactures which crippled Chinese producers. The imports which had been useful - maize and sweet potato from the Americas - contributed to a doubling of China's population in 150 years: but after the first shipments Chinese farmers could plant and grow their own.

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Q: What was the general attitude of the Chinese regarding trade with the western world?
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