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To reverse the Board of Education of the City of Topeka, Kansas's policy of racial segregation.

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Q: What was the goal of plaintiff in the brown case?
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In a Civil Case the party who brings a case against a Defendant is called?

In a criminal case it is the accuser. In a civil case - think Judge Judy - it is the Plaintiff

Who was brown in brown v bored of education of topeka ks 1954?

Oliver Brown was the named plaintiff, he was one of the parents involved in the case, but he was only one of 13 plaintiffs.

How do you tell plaintiff in a case just by the name of case?

The first name in a case is the side that is bringing the case and is either the plaintiff or the prosecution.

Who was the plaintiff in the Texas v Johnson case?

the plaintiff was Texas.

What is the possessive form of the word plaintiff?

The possessive form of the word "plaintiff" is "plaintiff's."

How do you know who the plaintiff is in a case citation?

In a case citation, the plaintiff is typically listed first before the defendant. The plaintiff is the party that initiates a legal action or lawsuit against the defendant.

Who pays court costs when plaintiff files a fraudulent case and the judge throws the case out.?

If the judge dismisses the case, the plaintiff is responsible for the court costs.

How do you be a plaintiff on Judge Joe Brown?

You must first file your case at your local courthouse then contact the show, via judgejoebrown site, and fill out the details of the case. If they believe your case is good enough for the show they will call you

Who initiates proceeding in a civil case?

the plaintiff, that is the person filing the complaint against you.

The requirement that a plaintiff have a stake in the outcome of a case is known as?

The requirement that a plaintiff have a stake in the outcome of a case is known as "standing." It ensures that the plaintiff has a direct interest in the legal issue at hand and is not bringing a case solely out of idle curiosity. Standing helps to establish the court's jurisdiction over the case and prevents frivolous lawsuits.

What was the name of the girl in Brown v. Board of Education?

There was no specific girl involved in the Brown v. Board of Education case. The case was a collective name for five lawsuits from different states, with the lead plaintiff being Oliver Brown. The case challenged racial segregation in public schools.

What are the two sides in a case?

plaintiff and defendant