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The Raid on Dieppe was launched by the Allies to find out what was needed to make a full-scale allied invasion across the English channel a success. However, because the Canadian army failed so badly, the allies could not test what they wanted to test.

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Q: What was the historical significance of the battle of dieppe?
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What are some Quotes from the battle of dieppe?

"I have no doubt that the Battle of Normandy was won on the beaches of Dieppe. For every man who died in Dieppe, at least 10 more were spared in Normandy in 1944." - Lord Louis Mountbatten "Dieppe should occupy a place of it's own in the story of war. Casualties alone should not classify it as a failure. The sacrifice of the brave men who fell was not in vain." - Winston Churchill "My impression of 'Jubilee' [Dieppe] is that the results fully justified the heavy cost" "[Dieppe] was a Canadian contribution of the greatest significance to final victory" - Winston Churchill

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What connection has the Dieppe Raid Cycle Randonnée with the original Dieppe Raid in 1942?

The randonee is an international bicycle race that is part of the annual events to commemorate the Dieppe Raid. There is no direct relation between cycling and the Battle of Dieppe

What do the battle of the Atlantic the battle of hong kong the battle of dieppe and the battle of Normandy have in common?

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What countries were involved in the battle of Dieppe?

Germany,France and Canada

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No. Dieppe was a battle which took place during the Second World War, in 1942. It is also a town on the north coast of France.

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