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July 4

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Q: What was the ironic date of the fort's surrender to the french?
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What was the ironic date of the forts surrender to the french?

July 4

May 8 1945 Germany?

Was the date of the surrender of Nazi Germany to Soviet forces. They surrendered the previous day to American, British and French forces.

When did the British surrender at Yorktown take place?

October 19, 1781 was the date of Cornwallis's surrender at Yorktown.

What is the date for the surrender of fort Sumter?

April 14, 1861

What was the date of the surrender of the fort necessity?

3 July 1754

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What date did the imperial Emperor offer his Surrender to general McCarthur?

The instrument of surrender was signed aboard the battleship USS Missouri on 02 September 1945.

Was Tokyo bombed after nagasaki and before the surrender date?

Nagasaki was the last attack.

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