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Q: What was the last country to become communist?
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Can the US be a better country if they were communist?

Absolutely not!!! No communist country has ever become better because of communism.

What country is the last Soviet style communist country?

is it Tawan

What country turned communist after WWI?

Russia was the only country to become communist during World War 1.

What country helped North Korea become communist?

The Soviet Union

What was the nearest country to become communist?

Depending on where you are, the nearest communist country could be almost any South American nation, Russia, China, Vietnam or Cuba.

Did north Korea become a communist country with the example cuda set?


What Asian country did not become communist after World War 2?


Is Gambia a communist country?

No, it isn't a communist country.

How do you become a leader of a communist country?

By being the most ruthless & feared person in the communist party, and by forming alliances with other members.

What was the last country to become a country?

South Sudan was the last country to become independent. They gained independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011.

Why did Bulgaria become a communist country in 1945?

it became communistic in 1944, on 9th Sept

When did Czechoslovakia become a communist country?

In 1948, shortly after World War Two ended.