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Strangely, most explorers were usually neither soldiers or merchants. While they may had interests in these areas, they usually had some other occupation that was not related to exploring.

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Q: What was the least common occupation of the explorers?
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What is the least common occupation for the explorers to North America?

One of the least common occupations for explorers to North America was botanist. Botanists were not as prevalent as navigators, cartographers, or soldiers during the Age of Exploration. Their focus on studying plant species and ecosystems made their role less prominent in expeditions.

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What is the least common impact explorers had in the new world?

One of the least common impacts explorers had in the New World was the promotion of peaceful interactions and cultural exchange with indigenous populations. Many explorers focused more on conquest, exploitation, and colonization, rather than seeking mutual understanding and collaboration with the local communities they encountered.

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