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The French Revolution was basically a revolt against the ancient system where certain families were very rich, including those of the royalty and the nobility. The aristocracy belonged to these groups of people and most were astronomically wealthy. However, some aristocratic families could be penniless. Whether or not you were rich, as an aristocrat you or the people around you had some form of power over non-nobles. So during the French Revolution, as you would imagine, hundreds and hundreds of aristocrats fled to the safety of other cities, such as London, when the Storming of the Bastille took place. This marked the beginning of a terror for people of any means. Those who remained in France were eventually trapped and thrown in prison, trialed and found guilty and met their death with the guillotine. Some were not even given trials. This is because in order for the revolution to work, all previous people with power had to be gone. They were condemned to death as traitors to the nation. Nearly all were murdered.

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Many managed to escape and found refuge in other countries where they became emigres. They lost their French estates but kept their lives. Some lost their lives to mobs who sought revenge for imagined royalist abuses. A few made an effort to assimilate, a large number were imprisoned and another small group made an overt effort at counter revolution.

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they lost their heads. beheaded.

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Q: What was the life of an aristocrat like during the French Revolution?
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Napoleon Bonaparte as the First Consul, then as First Consul for Life and finally as the Emperor of the French.

What is the impact of French Revolution on France in everyday life of the people?

the revolution led to many changes in France. the revolution led to development of new political forces such as democracy and nationlism. The revolution also gave new meanings and ideas to the political ideas of the people . The reign of terror largely administered by Danton and Robespierre saw the behadine of many members of the royalty including Marie Antoniette and countless others who were members of the French court. As France struggled under ineffective leadership that changed very little . Napoleon was able to return from a campaign in Egypt and seize power with militry help. French culture was the emergence of middle class.

One immediate effect long term effect of the French Revolution?

What we now consider the dignity of the individual, the sanctity of human life, "civil rights", the equality of all humans under the law, things in other words that we take for granted today were all the result of the French revolution of 1789. Its constituents greatly influenced the American revolutionaries who went on to compose the Constitution of the US based on the enlightenment ideals that preceded the French revolution.

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