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The main theme of Neel darpan.

Deen bandhu Mitra's'' Neel Darpan ''(186o) is a play written in the background of the Indigo Revolt (1858) of Bengal. The play is based on the exploitation of indigo planters in Bengal by the money lenders , jamindars and British officials.The play is based on Mitra's experience as a postmaster in rural areas of Orissa and Bengal.He saw the indigo farmer's oppression very closely.The trials of the peasants were not only unjust but inhuman and exploitative in nature. Mitra wrote this play to raise a voice against the indigo planters ,Jamindars and British officials.Gradually the message spread all around and the voices of the peasants became the voice of the masses against the Imperialism.This play was published from Dhaka and subsequently it stormed the intellectual circles of Bengal.The play's central theme is the exploitation of indigo farmers, their plight and various dimensions of their plight ranging from physical,social, economic and psychological to brutalities of in Humanism. The second major theme of the play is the exploitative machinery of the imperialistic forces ie oppression met with native resistance.It raises a question on nature of colonial exploitative machinery.This play also explores the theme of social reform theater from the playwright's perspective.It further probes into the domain of justice which turns out to be injustice of a manipulative judicial administration, position of women and inequality in the social hierarchy.

Chandra Shekhar Dubey.

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Q: What was the main theme of the neel darpan?
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The publisher of neel darpan book in bengali?

The publisher of the book "Neel Darpan" in Bengali was Saptahik Samachar. The book was published in 1860 and is known for highlighting the exploitation of indigo farmers by British planters in Bengal.

Who wrote the famous drama Neel Darpan which depicted the agony of the indigo cultivators and the brutality of the planters?

Dinabandhu Mitra, a Bengali playwright, wrote the famous drama Neel Darpan in 1860s. The play highlighted the exploitation of indigo cultivators by British planters in India during colonial rule.

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What is the story of Neel Darpan?

"Neel Darpan" is a play written by Dinabandhu Mitra in 1860, which highlighted the cruel exploitation and oppression of indigo farmers by British indigo planters in colonial India. The play depicts the sufferings of indigo farmers due to forced indigo cultivation and the use of 'Neel' (indigo) as a metaphor for the British colonial rule in India. The play played a significant role in raising awareness about the plight of these farmers and contributed to the indigo revolt.

Who is the author of the play neel darpan?

Dinabandhu Mitra is his chosen name. His real name given by his parents was Gandharva Narayan

Who wrote Nil Darpan on the theme of the oppression of the indigo planters?

Dinabandhu Mitra

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