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Q: What was the name of last European nation to stake a claim in the new world?
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How did European nations compete to claim lands and riches in the New World?

when did the French claim riches

How does First Nation world view conflict with the European world view?

it is in yourtext

Which is the richest nation in Europe?

Germany has the largest GDP of any European nation. Luxembourg has the largest GDP per capita rate of any European nation, and any country of the world.

What European nation is noted as the birthplace of democracy in the ancient world?


What European nation that was divided following world war 2?


What European nation wanted control of Vietnam after World War 2?


What European nation involved in India until after World War 2?


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Explorers from which european country were the first to claim land along the st lawrence river valley in north america?

France is generally considered to be the first European country to explore, then to stake a formal claim to, the lands along the St. Lawrence River in North America. As early as 1534, a French explorer by the name of Jacques Cartier was sent across the Atlantic Ocean by the French king (Francis I) with the explicit purpose of establishing a French presence in the New World.

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