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It was not installed by the Germans. Marshal Petain became Pemiere of France before their capitulation according to proper french constitutional procedures. After the armistice the French parliament voted to essentially scrap the constitution and invest him with dictatorial powers. This was done on their own hook, not at the behest of the Germans. Anyway, his government is called the Vichy government after the small resort town in southern France which became the de facto French capital when the government fled Paris before it fell. Michael Montagne

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The German installed government was called 'Vichy' since it was to be located in Vichy, France; it was headed by Petain who had been a decorated French general in WWI. After the war Petain was labelled a traitor, but in Petain's defense, he saw his actions as mitigating the consequences of the Battle of France. P

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France government was Vichy

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Q: What was the name of the German government in southern France?
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on the 22nd of June, 1940, the third republic of France surrendered to German forces and was divided in two. northern France was occupied by the Germans, while southern France remained independent but was ruled by a pro German government in the city of France, thus bcoming known as Vichy France.

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the answer is resolwerr thank you!