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Portugal led the way to European expansion, mainly because of its advancement in the making of ships and maps.

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Q: What was the nation that lead the way for European expansion into the Americas?
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Which European country took the lead in maritime expansion?

Close to Africa and facing the Atlantic, Spain, and Portugal were well-placed to lead the maritime expansion of Europe.then, portugal took the lead in 1419

How did economic concerns among European nations lead to conflicts?

Nearly every european nation has sought gold to pay for its war and help strenghten its armies

What was the purpose of European's?

Expansion of European rule and power was a significant interest in the Age of Discovery. They mostly explored the New World in search of passages that were said to lead to Asia and the East Indies, its products, and some simply to find adventure. :)

What did christopher Columbus's voage to the Americas lead to?

It lead to the opening of the Atlantic

Which technology developed during the to centuries helped lead to transoceanic exploration and European expansion?

Printing presses is correct in this case.... (Found in another website. people found it useful.)

Do Italy have technology?

Italy is a modern European nation, so it does have technology, and always did have the technology of the age, in fact it lead technology in the Renaissance. Italy is founder member of G7 and G8, of Euratom, CEE and European Union...

Will the European Union eventually lead to one large supra Europe?

At the rate its heading, possibly. Almost every nation in Europe shows signs of joining the European Union, although not right this minute, but later on.

Explain in brief about the factors that have lead to globalization in 21 century?

1. The European imperialism of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.2. The widespread, global acceptance of the nation state as the ordering principle of global politics and economics.3. The development of sophisticated technologies of communication and record keeping.4. The expansion of economic interests beyond the regional and national to the global anf international.

What were the causes of european oceanic expansion?

political developments throughout the countries of Europe lead the societies to oceanic expansion because that was much easier then battling for gains that may not last. many countries were trying to expand their trade system because the trade system was the centerfold of all societies.

How the increase in expansion affect the demand?

Increase in expansion affect the demand because more supply/expansion with constant demand will lead to excess in expansion which affect the demand.

What is a homograph for nation and say?

A homograph for "nation" is "lead," as in the metal lead and to lead a group. A homograph for "say" is "bow," as in to bow down and a bow and arrow.

What did technological advances during the renaissance lead to?

The discovery of the Americas