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Debt that had been created by Louis XIV.

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Q: What was the nature of the fisical crises the triggered the French Revolution?
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What major event resulted from the balkan crises between 1908 and 1913?

The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferinand and his wife.

What is the difference between a revolt and a civil war?

A revolt is any conflict in which a group fights against an authority. If its participants fail in defeating the authority, the name of the revolt becomes "rebellion," and its participants are called "rebels," as in Shays' Rebellion and the Whisky Rebellion. If the revolt succeeds, it can be called a "revolution," and its participants are "revolutionaries," as in the American Revolution and French Revolution. During the middle of the revolt, when it is not clear who will win or lose, the conflict remains called a "revolt," (or, specially by the authority, a "rebellion") and sometimes this name sticks even after the conflict has subsided, regardless of who loses or wins. Another interesting point is that a war in which a single country is basically divided, each side fighting for political authority, is called a "civil war" if the rebel side (the side that does not have control of the government while the war is being fought) fails, and a "revolutionary war (a.k.a. revolution)" or "war of independence" if the rebel side succeeds. For example, if the Confederate fighters had won the American Civil War, it would probably be called the "Confederate Revolution." P.S. Many of these terms are confused by the media and others, so its generally safest to use "revolt" or "rebellion" in most circumstances and to call their participants "rebels."

What economic crises did Europe experience in the first half of the seventeen century?

A conflict ensued between the â??countryâ?? and â??courtâ??. The Court represents the sovereign and bureaucratic states whereas the country refers to the traditional gentry and aristocracy who owned large tracts of land tended by the peasants. Moreover, protestant reformation threatened Catholicism, and with the renaissance, more citizens wanted liberation from the oppressive monarchs and regimes.

Why did they Czar government collapse in World War 1?

The Russian czar government collapsed during World War 1 primarily due to a combination of military failures, economic crises, and widespread discontent among the Russian population. The war effort placed immense strain on the already weakened economy and led to food shortages and inflation. The czar's autocratic rule and inability to effectively address these issues further eroded public support, leading to popular uprisings and the eventual overthrow of the monarchy.

What happens at Buckingham Palace?

It is the London family home of Queen Elizabeth the second. When in London she lives there and visiting heads of state will be entertained there. It is also used for ceremonial purposes such as investitures. During the summer the Queen holds garden parties to which some of the people of Britain are invited to meet her.

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How the factors of social injustice economic distress and Elightenment ideas combined to spark the French Revolution in 1789?

Before the French Revolution there was a major economic gap between classes. The lowest class was suffering from extreme poverty and famine. France was also going through an economic crises due to their aid in the American war for independence. This factors combined with the ideas of a constitutional monarchy began the French Revolution.

What crises between 1904 and 1017 paved the way for a revolution in Russia?

world war 1

What has the author Michael G Hall written?

Michael G. Hall has written: 'Exchange rate crises in developing countries' -- subject(s): Capital movements, Financial crises, Foreign exchange rates 'The Glorious Revolution in America' -- subject(s): History, Sources

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What is crises?

Crises is changing in situation from stabkle event to unstable event.

What is the Gulf Crises. Discuss about US and the Gulf Crises?


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Six Crises was created in 1962.

What is the singular of the word crises?

The plural of crisis is "crises" (pronounced "cry-seez").

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crisis = singular, crises, plural

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Sustained crises are types of crises that can persist for months or even years. These types of crises can result from media rumors or speculation.

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