What was the old name of Toronto?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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fort york

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Q: What was the old name of Toronto?
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When did Old Toronto end?

Old Toronto ended in 1998.

What is Old Toronto's population?

Old Toronto's population is 736,775.

When was Old Toronto created?

Old Toronto was created on 1998-01-01.

What is the area of Old Toronto?

The area of Old Toronto is 97.15 square kilometers.

What is Old Toronto's motto?

The motto of Old Toronto is 'Industry, Intelligence, Integrity'.

What is the name of the university in Toronto?

The University Of Toronto

What is the population density of Old Toronto?

The population density of Old Toronto is 7,583.9 people per square kilometer.

What is the name of Toronto's airport?

The Toronto Pearson International Airport

What was the name of Toronto Ontario Canada before it was changed to Toronto?

tourountoo, it means toronto in ojibway

Is Toronto a noun?

Toronto is the name of a city in Canada. It is a proper noun.

Wie kommt der name van empel nach Toronto?

How did the name Van Empel come to Toronto?

What was the teams name before the Toronto Raptors?

there was never any other name. the franchise was originally the Toronto Raptors